about me

Hello! Everyone.

Growth diary of cat this blog that are kept of me.
Name 小春/Koharu. Female. Very friendly personality.
Most of the day during the break.

Though posted little by little, please come to see if you are interested :)

Cat blog : Koharu Photograph

iPhone etc.


I am writing another blog.
It has posted a photo you shoot with Rolleiflex.
Please come to see if you like.


My cameras.
Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar
Rolleiflex 2.8C Planar
Nikon D200
iPhone 7

Thanks for visiting :)


10 thoughts on “about me

    1. Mr. Bowie I am looking forward to the blog. I love very adorable appearance! I will want a cat of British Shorthair. (In Japan it is a cat that is not seen much)
      Thank you for comment. Please come to see also :)

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    1. Thank you for comment, Nia. It from Follow is also happy. Koharu has become the current 3-year-old. It has posted the photos I have saved as diary. Also I am glad if you came to see :). Thank you!

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  1. どなたかと思ったらsorairoclipさんなのですね。こちらもフォローさせて頂きました。

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    1. フォローありがとうございます。名乗りもせずにゴメンナサイ。うちの小春も里親募集なんでよ!猫って不思議な縁が必要な生き物だと思いませんか? mitoさんもなかなかのメロメロぶりですが、僕も負けないぐらいメロメロです♪ Hahaha
      先代の2匹は大変残念でしたが、だから梅花ちゃんが目の前に… きっとそうですよね。同じ歳の飼い猫なので成長を大切に見守っていきましょうね。


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